How to improve reading skills?

Your child has gone to the first grade. Now you and him are expecting numerous obligations, new knowledge and obstacles that you will successfully master over. The great thing every spring must learn is the skill of reading and writing. And while some children can learn to read and write on their own, they are a great challenge for some beginners.

To help your child learn faster and better to read, start off before school. When you read your favorite book or picture book, swipe your finger over the word you are reading and at the same time show the child an illustration in the book, of course, if it exists. So the child will look after the words in a while and follow you while reading it. While reading and having fun, suggest to the child some new games. Ask him to find specific words or letters. After a while, a little bit, your child will overwhelm more and more letters. That is how the readings of reading will develop that will help him when he goes to the first grade.

Another good way is paintball paintball – so you can stimulate your child with a well-known activity. It would be ideal if the color library had the ability to paint the letters themselves.

The reading process of each child differs and depends on several facts. In the first place it is the child’s maturity of the language process and his or her oral speech. A child must have a developed orientation in space and that on paper and must know how to separate words into voices and connect them to word.

If there is a problem with reading your child, you will need to help him and read it more and more. It is important that a child has a routine reading and reads every day from fifteen minutes up to half an hour. It is not important to read at a very long time, it is important to read every day. Specifically, the concentration of your primer is not high and therefore do not overdo it because it could create a counter effect. The child could freeze the reading because it would link him to something hard and something tiring him. Do not forget to read during school holidays as well. The child will then be more distant and will be better able to concentrate.

Do not expect your child to learn to read overnight. Put effort and time and help him. Expect results for four months if the child reads each day. Over time, as the child grows and how his reading gets better, increase his time to read. But never exaggerate. Still a little baby. Better read twice a day than a lot a lot.

After some time of day-to-day workout, your first man will successfully match words and slogans into sentences, and sentences into the text. Encourage him, be patient and do not give up because doing this, after the first grade, your child will be beautiful, readable and accurate to read.